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Governor's Gangula

icon Surrounded by immense woodlands and natural flowing streams, the Governor's Gangula is a holiday retreat in the historical city of Dambulla where you can head out with family or friends. Luxurious and comfortable deluxe rooms are offered while the entire property is the ideal venue for total relaxation in the midst of nature. Governor's Gangula is also of proximity to some of the island's wildlife parks and historically important cities which still displays its majestic charm.

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Western and combination suppers. You can request off the menu on top of any additional items or demand an unique feast adjusts to your necessities and cook will surely oblige with a grin.  Each dish is made and ready with consideration and guarantees to be both nutritious and delectable. Still more in the event that you wish to have your dinner served out on the grass with a perspective of the stream, a light lit supper for two under the stars or a flavorful BBQ supper, told us and we will mastermind it for you. Excursion dinners too might be formed for those going on campaigns.
Swimming pool and a delightfully arranged enclosure. Governor’s Gangula which stands undisturbed betwixt tall trees and lush bush bears visitors the sum confinement and security they look for in an agreeable and loose atmosphere.
The en-suite washroom with hot/cold water and other amenities is your own personal space for a refreshing makeover.